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A Taste of Who We Are and What We Can Do

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Our experience with Michael and Kayla was flawless from start to finish. You guys were so accommodating, helpful and professional in getting our videos ready. Being that this was the first time ever doing this, you gave us great direction and assistance to create videos we are in love with. Outstanding job and I’d highly recommend you to anyone looking for an amazing video

JT Edgren - President of CFBI

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Thank you Michael and Kayla for showcasing my TV appearances into a powerful 90 second speaker's demo reel. I love it! People are saying "WOW" , that was spectacular! I also loved all my teaser videos you created for my online masterclass. You are the dynamic duo! Such a pleasure to work with such beautiful caring people. Your choice of music and cutaways were brilliant. You're hired for life!

Susan Constantine -
Body Language Expert 
Media Personality

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Michael and Kayla are awesome! They determine your “why” and then use technical skill and creativity to bring your “why” to the video. I highly recommend them for small business marketing to help grow your business and establish your company’s why!

Anthony Conti - Owner of Eat the Frog Fitness – Maitland / Downtown Orlando

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Your Story | Our Passion

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How can we make your vision a reality?

We begin with finding out what your needs are and then we create a plan together to satisfy those needs. Our consultation helps to establish what we can create for you and how we can partner together to accomplish your goals. We find the heartbeat of your brand, your story, your people and get to work figuring out how we can make your vision a reality through the services of Live Free Stories.


It's about the value / not the hours.

Together, we come up with an agreeable rate for the project. We do not charge by the hour, but by the project(s) you are looking for us to deliver on. Each project we take on has a variety of factors that influence cost, so we can't accurately provide a base price without knowing what you are wanting to accomplish first. We believe that offering you a valuable service will yield powerful results for you and your brand. Finding out the value of your project takes place within the space of our free consultation as previously mentioned.

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This is where the fun begins!

Storytelling and creating for others is truly our passion. Once we are green-lit, the wheels start turning. From pre-production, to the actual production and shoot days, all the way through to the post-production and delivery, we include you in our process and steps. We are transparent along the way and provide you with multiple opportunities for feedback and direction before the final product is delivered. What truly sets us apart is that we are modern day storytellers using cinematic imagery, colors, sound to bring your vision to life.

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Even if you are simply considering a project with us and not ready to "pull the trigger" just yet, we'd love to connect, get to know you, and see if we can create something incredible together!

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