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Wedding FAQs

We're so happy to answer any and all questions you may have! If you don't see your question listed here then please don't hesitate to reach out! We'd love to start a conversation about your special day!

Do you travel for weddings?

We do! We love traveling! Whether it’s a destination wedding, an elopement, or just a few hours away, we’d be honored to capture your perfect day!

Will you hold my date for me?

Once a contract is signed and a deposit is in, your date is locked in! If you are still in the process of considering us for your big day, we will extend the courtesy of letting you know that someone else is asking about your date.

We want to work with you! How do we book our date?

Once you decide that we’re the right match for you, we’ll send over a contract to sign and information on how to make a deposit to officially reserve your date! Once those are in, that date is yours!

How far out should we book you?

As soon as you can! Seriously. Some couples book us 2+ years out. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have availability if you’re searching closer to your date, but the sooner the better!

Before the Wedding

What gear do you shoot with? How big is it?

If this is a top question for you then you’re either in the photo and film industry or someone in your pack is! As far as cameras go, we’re a Sony crew! We always have 3 cameras capturing 3 different angles for all big events (ceremony, first dance, etc.). Those 3 cameras are (2) Sony a7iii and (1) Sony a7iv. We use wireless lav mics to mic up the officiant, bride, and groom and have multiple audio recorders we use as well. You’ll find us using a gimbal and a monopod throughout the day. Should we see fit for the space, we have a variety of lighting equipment. All of our equipment is pretty compact.

I'm worried that the day will feel like a production. What is it like working with you?

One of our top priorities is making sure you feel so comfortable on your wedding day! We work hand in hand with photographers to make you look and feel your best while also capturing your natural love. We can offer guidance if you’d like, but our goal is to capture your love in the most authentic way possible!

What is included?

Each package is a little different, but in every package you’ll get 2 Videographers, a full edit of your ceremony, and a highlight film of your day.

Why does your pricing say "starting at"?

We say starting at because sometimes there is travel involved or sometimes couples like to add additional things to certain packages, like hours of coverage or more film deliverables. Each couple is unique and we want to be able to customize packages according to your needs and budget.

Can I have the RAW footage?

Yes and no. This is such a tricky one for us as creatives. We don’t deliver footage straight out of our camera. We sort through all of the footage, clean out unnecessary shots, and organize it. We can deliver it via a USB drive for an additional cost.

Do you offer both videography AND photography?

We love photography and taking pictures, but our specialty when it comes to weddings is videography. We love teaming up with some of the best wedding photographers around and have a list of vendors we can truly, whole-heartedly recommend. However, if you’re looking for family portraits or any other type of photos outside of the wedding day, then let’s talk!

Do you have a preferred vendor list?

We have worked with some of the best vendors around and are so happy to provide you with their information! Aside from each other, the people you spend the majority of your wedding day with are your photographers and videographers. It’s important that you love their work, but we want you to love your experience with your vendor team on the day of your wedding as well! We work hand in hand with your photographers to tell your story so team work is especially important to us! We’re all about teamwork and collaboration, and the photographers we recommend share that same vision!

How do you choose music for wedding films?

Sometimes we find the right song in minutes and sometimes it takes days or even weeks. We use an online music licensing platform called MusicBed. They have an incredible variety of songs that are sure to fit each couple we work with. We pay very close attention to the songs you play at your reception, the genres you do and don’t like, and we make sure it fits your story. Before your wedding this is one of the subjects we’ll talk through with you to make sure everyone is on the same page! 

Do you have a drone?

We do, and we love flying it when we’re permitted to do so. Some venues don’t allow drones while others may need special permissions. This is something we’ll discuss and coordinate with your venue. Drone flight is not always a guarantee day of, as we cannot predict the weather.

Will I meet you before the wedding?

We hope so! Sometimes we get to meet couples in person, but we will absolutely meet over FaceTime or Zoom to talk about your wedding and get to know you better!

Day of the Wedding

Will my wedding day videographers be

Michael + Kayla?

That is always the plan! We’re each other’s favorite person to work with! In the rare event that one of us is (or even more rare, both of us are) unable to film your wedding day of, we have a community of other incredible videographers ready to fill in!

Can I provide you with a shot list/Pinterest board/YouTube video for inspiration?

This is another yes and no question! If you like the way something feels then absolutely share it with us! We would love to explore why you love the shots that you love. We can’t guarantee that it will look the exact same because we want to capture you in the most authentic way possible, but understanding what you love about certain elements is what will help us tell your story best. If you’re wanting us to recreate a specific shot, just remember that there are so many factors that go into one shot: time of day, weather, time of year, location, venue setting, and on top of it all…camera gear and settings! 

Are you allowed to film my church ceremony?

That’s a question for your church coordinator! Chances are they’ve performed a few ceremonies and will be able to tell you.

Do we need to provide a meal for you?

We would love that, thank you! We ask that you provide a meal for us if we’re filming beyond 4 hours.

Should we set a place for you at the reception?

We are honored, but most venues have a space specifically for vendors to eat. It’s best that we eat while you eat! That way we don’t miss any big events. Trust us…filming you eat isn’t the most cinematic moment ;)

What is an unplugged ceremony?

It’s where you ask your guests to keep their cell phones and tablets in their bags/pockets. This way you avoid having cell phones and tablets in your professional photos and video. It allows your guests to be fully present to witness your love.

Will you also take pictures on the wedding day?

In short, no. Again, we love partnering with incredible photographers to capture your day, but we will not take pictures during your wedding day.

If we have surprises planned for our guests/each other, do we need to tell you?

We love surprises, but please don’t surprise your vendors on your big day! I promise we can keep a good secret! It’s important for us to be aware of any happenings during the day to ensure we’re prepared to capture every single moment to the best of our ability!

Can we book more coverage day of? Or does it have to be in advance?

Leading up to the wedding we’ll work with you and the timeline you create with your venue and photographer to make sure you have the coverage you need. If you decide you want additional coverage on the DAY OF the wedding, we can certainly arrange that. The cost will be our hourly rate + 20%. We will just take care of that payment at a later date!

After the Wedding

When will I receive my videos?

Your full wedding gallery, including your highlight, is usually delivered within 2-3 months after the wedding day, but we will deliver your wedding teaser within a week or 2 of your wedding day!

How do you deliver your videos?

We will curate your own personal online gallery that you’ll be able to view, download, and share all of your videos from.

What types of videos do you deliver?

This depends on what package you book with us. Before you sign your contract, we’ll make sure you have a full understanding of all of your wedding day film deliverables. With each package we deliver a short teaser, a wedding highlight film, and a fully edited (from start to finish) ceremony. Other packages include more deliverables, for example: full day films, social media reels, more featured wedding trailers, and other cinematic films at request.

Do you edit your videos?

We edit everything in house, and we love it! We don’t outsource any part of the edits we create for you. We spend time both before your wedding and on the big day getting to know you and your love, and that element of our storytelling is woven into your wedding film. We want to genuinely capture you on your big day. We believe the best story you can tell is one that you were fully present for.

How do I share my videos with family and friends?

You’ll be able to share your personal online gallery with them if you’d like. You also have the ability to download them from your gallery. We will also upload any teasers, trailers, social reels, and full wedding highlights to our social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube (shorter clips may also be on TikTok).

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