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We are Kayla & Michael.

We are wedding filmmakers.

We are lovers of love and the beauty of marriage.

We tell the story of your day, not anyone else's.


We are Groot. 

(okay, I've heard enough)

(so maybe you need some more details)

We have been crafting and shooting films for over 5 years and have worked with many wonderful couples and companies. From working with our own family to the likes of Walt Disney World and Coca-Cola, our professionalism, craft, and dedication is constant. We believe your wedding film should be treated with the intention and care of a family heirloom and not just a transaction and contract to be upheld. Every laugh, every tear, every heartfelt moment captured authentically to be cherished for all time (always). Live Free Wedding Films is here to make your wedding film dream a reality.

Your journey is unique, and so is your love. At Live Free Stories, we specialize in capturing the genuine emotions and intimate moments that define your relationship. What if you could relive the day you said "I do" and feel the same rush of emotions all over again? With Live Free Stories, your wedding film won't just be a video with some catchy music behind it – it'll be a treasure trove of memories that transports you back to those precious moments. Our commitment to authenticity ensures that your film reflects your personalities, quirks, and the beautiful connection you share. We don't make the film for us, but for you and yours to be cherished "FOR-EV-ER".

On to the proof in the pudding.

Our Work.

Each of these were shot and edited specifically to the taste of the couple. Your relationship is unique, and your wedding film should be as well. If you have a vision, style, shot list, or request, we want to make that happen if it's in our power to do so!

Multi-Wedding Reel

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”


(some very kind people who thought we were 2 legit - 2 legit 2 quit)

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“Michael and Kayla are such a treasure to work with! They really take the time to understand you as a couple, and care so much about shooting and capturing footage that is personalized to you! They are not only videographers - they are gifted storytellers! My husband and I are so thankful and treasure they way they told ours! We felt so at ease and cared for during our wedding weekend, we cannot recommend them enough as vendors and as people!”

Hope Willard - Bride, 2022

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Taylor Faye - Bride 2023

How can we give Michael and Kayla 1 million star review! Let me just say that we were considering skipping videography until we met these two amazing humans! We were so impressed by not only their talent in cinematography, but by their presence on our day which was just like hanging out with your kindest friends! They not only put us completely at ease on an already nerve racking day, but Kayla was always checking in with me to make sure I’d done important things like eaten or remembered to grab my flowers. They also work super well and are respectful of our other vendors. (The Roots and Live Free are a FIRE team!) Everything about our time with them was just so gosh darn FUN! We would do it again in a heartbeat!

Screenshot 2023-05-08 at 2.23.33 PM.png

My husband and I got married in feb 2021 when covid was still going on. We were so happy to find such a wonderful couple.
Kayla and Michael not only made an amazing teaser and trailer but they are the most calming, creative, flexible, and pleasant people to be around. They genuinely made our wedding day so much better.
Kayla was even 6-7 months pregnant during that time and both were champs to make our dreams come true.
Kayla and Michael went above and beyond by also keeping us on time and calm, wrangling the big wedding party, and working with our photographer with her own time frame.
We would hired Michael and Kayla a million times over to shoot our wedding.
I would refer them to anyone for any big event that you want to capture all the best parts of.

We watch all of our videography from our big day every year on our anniversary and it’s makes us so happy! (I watch them multiple times a year)

Thank you both so much!!!
Love you guys,
Taylor & Ben

Screenshot 2023-05-08 at 12.41.50 PM.png

Melissa Smyles - Bride 2022

Kayla and Michael made our big day so special! They made my husband and I, the whole bridal party, and all the guests feel at ease and captures every important moment, even the impromptu ones. They worked seamlessly with our photographer and planner to make sure our day went perfectly. The videos they made are insanely high quality and so expertly edited and will remain such a treasure for us to look back at and remember our wedding day for years to come. Plus, they really bring the party and were SO much fun. Cannot recommend enough!!

Packages & Pricing

We do not believe in a "one size fits all" type package or pricing. While we do have packages that are popular amongst many of our couples, which are featured below, we also can customize anything to try and fit your individual vision and budget.
We believe that the films we create are heirlooms; they're pieces that will be treasured and watched for years, generations even, to come. We value the collaboration, experience, and craft it takes to tell your unique love story.


Say less, fam! Let's connect!

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